Calculate Sunrise and Sunset

How many Ways are there to find Sunrise and Sunset time ?(to use for trigger)
i Found :
1 - use a Clock Chip (like as RTC)
2 - use a Photo Resistor
3 - From Unix Code (But i don’t know how it possible - Help me if you know) because it is constant Value on a year

Get it from a website using a http call. Because sunrise/sunset vary each day. From here: for example.

I think Blynk has a builtin thing for it, but I made my own at a certain point. If you are interested I could look up the code, but I’d have to dig through some archives, lol.

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Cool but ineed it without internet access how it possible?

Do you have an aversion to the internet?

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Unlikely unless the RTC also has GPS.
It a “simple” equation based on your precise location in the world.

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@Costas i can not connected to internet always
if i want to get rise and set from internet so is it possible get all of data, store and use that?

With an ESP and SPIFFS you could probably store the next 10 years daily sunrise and sunset times.

How often can’t you connect to the internet?

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I’m so surprised. Raspberry based on Linux and it’s so clearly possible that we have application or everything like as database or text document include sun details and other side we have this info. On Blynk. Doesn’t right?

Maybe one time in day

Wrong, Blynk has the Webhook widget to pull this kind of information from thousands of websites.

E.G. Sunset and sunrise times API -

Take a look at the TimeLord library

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Vielen dank (thanks in german)

How can i find a toturial to know how work and config. Webhook?

Study docs, API and webhook threads.

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