Bylnk library for Sierra HL seires chip

I have been developing IOT device based on Bylnk. In the device, there is Sierra HL series GSM module. But i cannot find any library for Sierra Hl series from bylnk library pack. Can any body help me on this topic?
I am trying to modifying SIM800 library. But it is a little bit complicate.

Sounds like you are looking to hire a programmer for a potentially commercialized product, how much you paying? :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, why not just develop it based on a SIM800 module?

PS, it is spelled Blynk :wink:

Can you do with Sierra chip? HL76XX series? We cannot use SIM800. If possible,please let me know.

I wasn’t actually applying… more like hinting :wink: This forum is for helping users learn how Blynk works, and assisting with that learning. Not a code factory!

However, if you have a product in development, then I suggest you inquire ove on the Business side of Blynk… they might be able to help you with everything you need.