Buttons are not creating expected output on raspberry pi

I’m using raspberry pi 3 model b. I have installed blynk library (blynkkk-library)from git hub. I am trying to control a simple circuit with one RGB LED. I know the circuit is wired correctly as I can control it using thonny python script. I have blynk connected and running with three buttons. One for each color. However these buttons are producing no output on the connected pins when pressed. Could this be a library problem?

Which Blynk library?


Blynkkk/blynk-library from github. I have since discovered that the tutorial I was following required the use of wiringPi to configure GPIO pins and this no longer works so it appears that choosing the correct board and then setting the blynk buttons to a GPIO pin doesn’t do anything without additional coding. Is there another way to dot this?

So you were referring to the Blynk C++ library then.

You could use the Blynk Python or NodeJS libraries, or use Node-Red with the Blynk plug-in (my personal favourite).


Thank you for your responses. Is there an official location to get the Blynk plugin for node red. Google search is not coming up with anything obvious. Is this a third party plugin?

You can install it via Palette Manager in Node-Red.

Yes, written and supported by a community member with the blessing of the guys at Blynk and it’s very stable and effective. I use it as the basis for my entire Home Automation system.