Button (widget) state (not registering when direct pin state changes via alternate control)

I have a blynk project with the ‘menu’ function to give me different pages on one project. one page has a button widget which is connected to a relay on my arduino setup on pin 30. This relay is also set to switch on and off via a timer in the arduino sketch.

My problem is that if I am on a different page on the Blynk project, if the relay changes state by the timer, when I go back onto the page with the button, it doesn’t show that it has changed. Ie the button is not pressed down or vice versa. Is there a way that this button widget can read the state of pin 30 and show the button state accordingly?

Thanks. Steve

Hello. This issue was fixed in latest Android release (3 days ago). Do you have latest app version?

Or this could be state sync feature you are looking for - http://docs.blynk.cc/#blynk-main-operations-state-syncing

I did update it a couple of days ago.