Button to Start/Stop Loop

Hi guys, Im somewhat new to Arduino/Blynk but I have successfully completed a few skripts already.
I have been trying for DAYS to find/write something that seems very simple but Im just not able to get it to work.
Thats why I’m turning to you guys for some fresh ideas.

Im trying to write a code that will activate a relay for 20min every hour. BUT only if a button is pressed in Blynk App.
I want this loop to run continuously every hour until I deactivate the button in the Blynk App.

Can someone help me out and lead me in the right direction???


Hello and welcome… we can help with the Blynk issues, but you are one you own for learning to program.

To do what you want, you can use comarisons, boolean logic, BlynkTimer and depending on your timing needs RTC for actual “every hour on the hour” timing.

https://www.arduino.cc/reference/en/ … particularly if()https://www.arduino.cc/reference/en/language/structure/control-structure/if/



You can also attempt to some of this without much MCU programming with the App side Eventor Widget