Button/Switch with integrated LED

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Usually a button/switch is used to turn something on on the remote device. wouldn’t it be great to have an LED right on the button/switch to indicate that the value has been set on the device as an immediate feedback. rather than using an extra LED which takes up some space on the dashboard? maybe that could work somehow internally without loosing a V Pin ?

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Henning from Hamburg, Germany

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As far as I know buttons already have this feature. If you have buttons set as switch, rather than push, then they go green for on and no colour for off. Am I missing something?

Hi Costas

when my arduino is reported offline then the switch still lights up. maybe the cloud has registered the switching but i think it would be great if the actual blynk library on the arduino could report back that it received the switching. when it is offline for a short moment and then comes back online the switch could light up in the middle with an extra indicator …

Ah I see what you mean and I did make a similar request recently. I forget what Blynk call it, something like ‘hardware integration’ and I believe they are looking to implement it.

Hardware State Handling is the name given to our requirement.

Yeah, this feature is partially implemented for Local servers. Also on latest iOS version you can change control widget state with Bylnk.virtualWrite().

So you can turn on button on V1 pin with with Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, 1); and turn off with Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, 0);

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Thanks for your replies, guys :smile:

what my actual purpose behind this is …

For my RV i would like to use Blynk in cooperation with the konekt dash (mainly it will do gps tracking).
I also would like to turn on the auxiliary heater with a switch. So Blynk sends the switching-on to the konekt dash. the dash switches a bistable relais and the heater gets power (12V) … the heater itself has an I-am-active output line which is sensed via a voltage devider on a physical pin and right now if the pin goes high i do a virtual write to an Blynk LED. If now for whatever reason the 12V supply in my RV fails but the dash still gets power from its own battery. it will receive the switching but the input pin never gets high and it will never send a high state to the Blynk LED. so i know something is wrong.

basicall it already works fine. but i think heaving an extra Blynk LED is a waste of space on the blynk dashboard.

again thanks for your answers,

maybe one day the button could have a built in LED :wink: Understand this as a feature request :smile:

thanks guys
really love blynk … i am thinking about also using it as a remote for my shop access control system … maybe i shouldnt have said that …