Button on push mode freeze

I noticed strange behaviour of push button. When quick push-release it is ok as well with long push and release. But within specific mid term interval (between quick release and long press) it stays pressed.
We had really huge troubles with our gate because of this today as the remote control stayed pressed several hours.

Hello. Is that ios or Android? Local/Cloud?

it is iOS, cloud

I’m also experiencing this. Its like the app is VERY slow.

I also notice performance issues when starting and stopping the project… after I start it, the interface is non responsive for at least 5 seconds or so.

Sliding the sliders is very sticky too… i used to be able to slide them without looking… but now i have to look at it to make sure its actually sliding and not sticking.

I am iPhone 6S, latest iOS version and App version. Running local server.

@ashvetsov pls have a look.

Same issue here. The push switch gets “stuck” on the ON position every now and then.
Sometimes need multiple presses to get it back to OFF position.
Also on IOS with latest firmware and updated Blynk app.

Additionally, the push button may indicate that it is off with the text “OFF” however, the button is still filled in green to make it seem like it’s still on.

Hi there,
Seems that last update fixed this button isue :+1: