Button connected to Digital Pin doesn't update when Digital PIN State changes


I’m in middle of building at the moment and I noticed that if I connect a Blynk Button set to “Switch” to a Digital Pin (D7) on my Arduino Mega it doesn’t update when the D7 changes state due to Arduino code. When I press the button in Blynk it changes state and communicates correctly with the Arduino.

Any ideas?

Android App 2.17.2
Arduino 0.4.10

Сheck the examples.

Hi @Costas I just read through them now, I didn’t see anything obvious. I have the workaround already built now, using a toggle Virtual Pin in case that was what your reference was to?

I see what you meant, here: https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-library/blob/master/examples/More/Sync/SyncPhysicalButton/SyncPhysicalButton.ino