Building an application

Hi ok am looking to build an app with the same functionalities as SCIENCE JOURNAL would anybody be interested in building this for me

Blynk is a Platform ( Back-end (open source) , Embedded Firmware (open source) , Mobile App(closed source)) , so you will here need somebody to
develop and App to have the same functionality of the Mobile App using the provided API
this if i understand you correctly

I require an app that has similar functions as science journal that will collect data from arduino and internal sensors and the ability to take and include pictures taken by the internal camera

i am pretty sure that you can do all this with the great Blynk app no need for any thing to be developed , except
the still photos as you can do this using any workaround using tasker for example to take photos and send it or upload to dropbox .


You can send tech requirements to, we will get back with questions or quote.