Build custom virtual pin number?

I would like to do a virtualWrite to a virtual pin (of data type String as defined in its Template) whose pin number depends on the value of a variable. Is this something that is supported?
The code below concatenates an integer to a string which Iโ€™m not sure about but that is not the issue I may have to use virtualPinNumber += String (location + 10); on the second line instead.

virtualPinNumber = String ("V");
virtualPinNumber += location + 10; // where location is an integer between 7 and 14 inclusive so the virtual pin number would become V17 - V24 depending on value of location
Blynk.virtualWrite ( virtualPinNumber, faultCode );  // where faultCode is a string

The โ€œVโ€ is optional.
You should be able to just use a variable (thatโ€™s within acceptable range) in your Blynk.virtualWrite() command.


Thanks. That worked.