Buffer commands when in Deep Sleep

Hi. Yet another idea :wink:

I have started to use the deep sleep function for ESP8266 and see a lot of potential for making IoT devices truly useful away from constant power sources. Right now i’m testing a modified ESP-03 using only 0.9mA in sleep mode :smile:

Right now its not very useful with BLYNK, because its pointless when not permanently connected to internet.

I can see some potential if it was possible to buffer some commands on your server with the blynk app, then when the device wakes from sleep (eg. every 10 min) it checks the blynk server for waiting commands, executes them or whatever, and then goes to sleep again.


I’m now doing some preliminary work to enable connect/disconnect from blynk cloud.
Regarding the buffering, I’m not sure this is OK for all of the cases (i.e, pins).
I’m thinking now that maybe each pin should be set to one of the modes:

  • EVENT - fires once and we forget about it
  • VALUE - server remembers one last value
  • STREAM - server remembers sequence of data (up to some amount of messages)

this is just an idea…
@Pavel, @Dmitriy ?

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Hm, interesting! In fact this is easy implement on server side. But how should be this configured on APP and on LIB side? I think we need to have internal discussion regarding this feature.

Yes this is good idea. Similar to how MQTT handles QoS.

Hey guys! I have an idea but not sure if you guys are already implementing it:
How about the esp with an RTC logs values internally or on sd card when offline and when back online pushes latest values with time stamps to blynk app/server? Is this already possible?