Bridge widget - GPS Tracking

Hello, I have a question, I will be glad if you help me.

For device to device communication via bridge widget scope, is it necessary to have the same account for the two devices? Thanks…

Yes as I pointed out when I recommended the widget to you.

It’s a security feature.

Then my problem still goes on. I have 2 phones, I want to send the first phone’s Gps coordinates to the 2nd phone and visualise it on the map widget. But since the Blynk accounts of the two applications are the same, I see sometimes 1st phone’s coordinates and sometimes I see the 2nd phones coordinates.What’s solution? :roll_eyes:

You can use different projects under the same account with bridge (but each project should have it’s own device as a code base), so I would recommend that. One project utilises the phone’s GPS and the other project displays the map.

I have found a trick… in order not to see my own coordinates (the coord. of the first smartphone), I disabled the “location service” of it. So the 2nd smartphone sends it`s coordinates. That was what I want.

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Good thinking… outside the box, but inside the phone :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also with this trick, no need two devices I think…Just 2 smartphone and 1 hardware (ex. nodeMcu) and no need to use bridge widget.

Create project, define gps stream widget and map widget. Let the map widget visualise the Gps streaming datas (of his own). Clone this project to the 2nd phone. Disable location service of the first phone. Then the map widget visualises the Gps datas of the 2nd phone…that means you can track the 2nd phones location…

For tracking multiple phones you might still need the separate project thing… but I do recall a topic about doing tracking phones via the API… can’t recall the topic name, but search for keywords like GPS, tracking, etc. here in the forum… I don’t recall any actual how toos, but there might be ideas…

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For multiple tracking it seems not possible. If all the others (except one) disable their location services, we can track one of them (at the same time).

Take a look at using Indexes: