Bridge widget between different user

Hi. I have been using Blynk for 1 year now. I find it usefull, but i’m trying to use bridge between different account and it doesn’t work.
But it does work with the same account.

Can someone help me with this?

Thank You.

@nodoubtman that is how bridge currently works i.e. not allowed between different accounts.

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Yeap, this is security measure.

Thank you for The answer.
But i need To access my garage door controller for my mother with another account.
Is there any way ?
Thank you.
Have a Nice day.

@nodoubtman with the same account you can share the Project and you and your mother would have access to the garage door controller.

If you really need to use different accounts then you can clone the Project.

I tried To share The project And i cannot control Gpio :frowning:


keep trying and then post the most basic, formatted, sketch that fails to control GPIO when shared.