Bridge vs Same Token and different Vpins

Hi Blynkers,
I am working on a project that will control the temperature of a “box” that will go up to 65ºC.
I will use the Wemos Mini D1 and several sensors/acuators, and a 40w bulb as heater (yes, only 40w…:slight_smile:)
(In a few weeks I will be able to share the project with all of you providing more details)

I will add other Wemos mini D1 with a db18b20 to control the other board, this way, if the main WeMos goes out of control for whatever reason, the second board will turn off all the equipment (Safety first…)

I want to control the main board and the second one with the same dashboard, so, I’m wondering the best solution from stability point of view. I can use Bridge function or use the same Token with different Vpins.

What would be the best solution here??

Thanks in advance

They both will work. When using the same token every hardware will just get all the commands.

We are also working on simplifying it. So stay tuned.

Many thanks @Pavel,
I know they both will work… I’m not so newbie with Blynk :wink:, BUT, I’m wondering the advantage to send all the commands to both boards since I want to keep the second board as “free” as maximum to avoid disconnections.

Reading my own comment… I think I will go to Bridge function… Anyway, thanks for your advise, really appreciated!!

Kind regards!!

Bridge just might require a bit more coding

Tested both, it seems Same Token is more stable… I obtain disconnections using bridge…I don’t know why… :sweat:
Time to go to sleep… BR

:open_mouth: please post code snippets if possible.

Too slow @Dmitriy:wink: I already have deleted the project for the Wemos and rebuilt the code using same Token… sorry…
Do you really want to review it? If you want I can do it again… but not today…:sleeping:. Let me know…


If you found workaround no need in code. However more info you provide more chances to catch and fix issue if any.

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