Bridge usage

We can use bridge widget for writing data to another blynk device but i think there is no method for reading data from another device.
here is my setup.

2 data screen for showing data ( its ili9341 screen on esp8266 and nextion with esp8266 )
13 sensor client (esp8266 with a couple sensors temp,pressure,moisture,leak,current, etc)

i can use bridge for writing virtual pins on ili9341 device. and working fine. but i plan to add another device for showing data on nextion display. i need to setup all modules again for sending to another device too.
and than if we had bridge read function i can read from ili9341 and thats it.

is there any plan for this function?

Set up a 2-way bridge.

any doc for that?

No, It’s done via coding using Bridge.

You just need to set up another bridge connection on the nextion device to create 2 bridges.

Do what you did for the first bridge and reverse it…

bridge1.digitalWrite(PIN, VALUE); // This command on device A sketch, controlling pin on device B)
bridge1.digitalWrite(PIN, VALUE); // This command on device B sketch ,controlling pin on device A)
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Arrgg… I spend too much time editing my post, then by the time I hit Reply, half the forum has already answered ahead of me and I don’t see it until after :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for all reply. we can do it with writing to nextion device from ili9341 device with bridge but i would like to use like; it can be very usefull.