I don’t see a way to read virtual pins across a bridge connection. I’d like equipment to be able to read sensors directly. Am I missing it in the documentation/code evaluations?

Surely writing bridged v pin to the master device is the same as reading it, no?

Without reading ability between devices, we have a Star Network, but Mesh would be better. Since then my heating/cooling devices could directly read temperature sensors.

I don’t see any benefits to using a mesh but any node can write to any other node, it doesn’t have to go through a “master”. Writing isn’t really any different to reading in my book.

Think we would need a more detailed explanation of why you need to read the data rather than write the data.

For instance, an air handler that could directly query a temperature sensor that uses a VirtualPin to return temperature (due to hardware handling it can’t be read directly off the pin).

Why don’t you just code a Bridge connection to query data?

Device A (temp availble on V1 as global var, and also bridge setup to Device B as bridge1up)

    bridge1up.virtualWrite(V10, temp); // upon query, send back data

Device B (bridge set up to device A as bridge1down)

// do a function that calls bridge1down.virtualWrite(V1,HIGH) which then calls the function below via bridge from device A

int temp;
temp = param.asInt(); // grab data from Device A and save it as global to use else where in the code