Bought 2400 energy, never got it

I bought 2400 energy last night and still have yet to recieve it on my account. Strangely enough, if I buy 1000 energy, it is instanty added to my account. The problem is when I go to purchase 2400 energy, it prompts me for my password, asks me if I want to buy, and then claims that I have already purchased this in app purchase so it will restore it to my account for free. Unfortunately, whenever that happens, the 3 green Blynk balls just spin around until I have to force close the app because nothing happened. I’ve already been billed and paid the $1.99 and would appreciate the help to get this sorted out so I can continue to use and enjoy Blynk. Thanks!

Hello. Is that Android or iOS? Latest version? Please send me your login email to

Latest iOS version! It’s my Facebook login. I will DM you.