Board To Board Communication

Is there any Board ID so that there could be board to board communication?

if i’m not mistaken, the bridge funtion is for something like it

Yes, use BRIDGE for messaging between different boards that run different projects.

That means you will have 2 auth codes

Thanks for the information, I am just starting to use Blynk and haven’t used most of the features.
A follow-up question about the Bridge functionality, is it capable to send “one-to-many”?
I would like to talk all my devices together and receive all the messages, this means that when i press one button on device1, device2-5 would receive it and light and LED, and when I press one button on device2, device1/device3-5 would receive and light an LED. That would also mean even the app is not “currently displayed” on the screen because maybe I am browsing but already clicked the run button in the Blynk app.

I think you could achieve that. You would either need to have BRIDGE set up between all your boards, but this would mean 5 different projects, 5 different ‘auth’ codes, with 5 different dashboards available.

Or you could consider running 1 BLYNK project on 5 different boards. That means you have the same ‘auth’ code on each board. Downside with this method is less inputs and outputs available because if you set pin1 high from blynk on 1 board then it will be set high on all boards. Maybe that could be an advantage for your situation?


This what I’m doing. I have al my ESP’s basically equipped with the same auth token. So when I send a command from my Arduino, they receive it all. I’ve setup each ESP to use different Vpins to distinct between the different ESP’s.

The advantage in my situation is that I only use one or two outputs per ESP (ESP-01). With 128 vpins I have more than enough possibilities to achieve my goals :slight_smile: