BlynkTimer stops running

I have had a ESP8266 ESP-07 running for almost 2 years watching our ventilation system without problems.
It has 4 x DS18B20 sensor and a DHT22 sensor.
I am reading the sensors every 10 sec and the reading takes 1,3 sec.
Now I changed the DHT22 to BME280 and probably got some updated librarys.
The problem is the Timer stops running.
This happens between 1 hour to 1 week.
The scetch also contain the WidgetRTC.
The stop always accures when the time increases 1 min.
I made a test controller with the same SW but different auth token.
The “funny” part is, both controllers stop exactly at the same time (Saturday 8:01, today 8:03).
Could I get any adwise how to debug this before sending my code which is quiet long and split in 4 tabs?
Is the problem the WidgetRTC?
Shoud i use SimpleTimer instead?