Blynktimer maximum event

I know that Blynk.timer maximun events is 16 (i think). I i have the following

DOSING6 = timer7.setTimeout(D6P4, Doser6Off);
DOSING6 = timer7.setTimeout(D6P8, Doser6Off);
DOSING6 = timer7.setTimeout(D6P12, Doser6Off);
DOSING6 = timer7.setTimeout(D6P16, Doser6Off);
DOSING6 = timer7.setTimeout(D6P24, Doser6Off);
DOSING6 = timer7.setTimeout(D6P48, Doser6Off);

Is this considered 6 events or 1 event. They will never trigger at the same time.

Each BlynkTimer object can have upto 16 timers.

There’s a very simple command to return the number of used timers for a given timer object:

void getNumTimers()

Return the number of used slots in a timer object.

n = timer.getNumTimers();


Brilliant thanks