I have searched the forum and I know that more than 10 writes to the cloud per second will get you kicked off.
My question is do other things like :
data coming the other direction from the phone to the device.
do these contribute to the 10writes to blynk/second?

I have a lot of virtual pins in the simple.timer, but worried it maybe too many and I will have to send them in batches of 10

Yes it do, each time you send something to the cloud
Better use local blynk server

I think the limit is actually 20 writes per second.
Data coming from the phone to the server (not to the device - it doesn’t work that way) doesn’t count.

If you regularly exceed the limit then your device will be disconnected temporarily and this will show in the device status indicator in the app.

If you’re just doing a batch update at infrequent intervals, but this is writing data to multiple widgets that total around 20 then the simple solution is to drop a (very) small delay between groups of virtual writes. You could precede the delay with a command if you’re worried that the delay itself might cause a disconnection.


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Thanks for both your help.
So what I have decided to do is run the timer evry second, and run…

void mytimer ()
while (count <10){
if (event < 1){
Blynk.virtualWrite(V6, Kitchen);
        event = 1;
        count = count + 1;
else if (event < 2){
Blynk.virtualWrite(V7, lounge);
        event = 2;
        count = count + 1;
else if (event >= max number of events ){
event = 0;
count = 10;}
count = 0;}

does that seem OK?
While will keep looping till 10 events have been sent then exit and timer will stop. The next time it starts it will carry on where it was