Blynk won't open anymore after update

Hi Guys,

I’m using the Blynk android app. It updated overnight. The app won’t open anymore and crashes.

Android version 8.0.0
Blynk app version 2.27.7

@BlynkAndroidDev please take a look.

Just updated last beta, no issue, works fine for me.
Android 6

I’m facing the same problem of sander 0123: Blynk App v. 2.27.7 (just updated) always crashes.
Also for me Android 8.0.0. with Blynk Local Server 0.41.8-java8.jar

I have the same problem. App v. 2.27.7. The app won’t open anymore.

Works fine for me - even after update with Android 4.4.2 and Blynk Local Server 0.41.8.jar

Yes, im facing the same problem, updated overnight to v2.27.7 on july 31 , i cant open my blynk app, i have clear my cache in my phone samsung s8 android 8.0, and also reinstalling it, also the same “blynk has stopped”

The same problem. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, android 8.0. Xiaomi redmi 6 works OK.

I’m also having this same problem of not being able to open app.

I’m facing same problem - can’t open my Blynk app on August 1st. It says app was stopped. Desperately looking for help and solution for Samsung Galaxy 8 and Android.

That sounds like a shared app where the author of the app has put it into ‘edit’ mode.


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Build with fix was sent to the Google Play 2 hours ago. So should be available already I hope.

P. S. only android 8.0 users affected.

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It was my app no other author I know. Message was from Google with alternative to stop the app or write opinion/complaint?

I see no positive effect on my s8. When pressing Blynk icon no action happens, except message from Google informing that Blynk app was stopped. Do I need to re-load Blynk from the Play? What will happen to my app already running before Aug 1st, will my “energy” invested in the app will be lost?

Still the same, still cant open blynk app, i already reinstall it again on my s8…

Now all ok, new version in Working. Thank u!

Works like a charm after the update. Thanks guys for the quick response!

Fixed build works perfectly! Thank you very much!

After updating works fine for now. Thanks!