Blynk with launcher pro

I was trying to put the Blynk app within Launcher Pro but it is not listed.
Is it possible to include Blynk in Launcher Pro or does the decision reside with Launcher Pro?

Could you please explain in more details.

You can’t see Blynk app in the list of apps or what exactly do you mean? Links, screenshots will be helpful

Sorry. Yes, I could not find Blynk in the list of apps in Launcher Pro.
Launcher Pro is an iPhone app. It basically allows selected programs to be launched from the home screen.
Blynk is not is not in the list of programs that can be selected.

I think you should better ask the developers of Launcher Pro, because we have no idea how their system works.

Their latest update was in 2014, so, may be, this is the reason.

I will do that. Thanks
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