Blynk with Alexa

Have anyone tried connecting nodemcu to alexa ? I have people using sinric to connect to alexa on this forum. I also came across some “Fauxmo”(ignore if i spelled it wrong) which will connect to alexa. But few have mentioned that it works with only certain generation of alexa. As i dont have an alexa and its quite tight on my budget to buy as of now. So i just wanted to know if any of our Blynkers have already done this. I dont want to use IFTTT as its all like kind of hard to setup. NOT AS COOL AS BLYNK TO SETUP :sunglasses:
This is not a blynk related problem i know. But i am sure someone will give me some useful information for sure.

Works perfectly if you use Node-Red, the Blynk and Alexa plug-ins for Node-Red and MQTT.


I have never used node red. For node red we need a rpi right to run the server ? I wonder if the nodemcu could get detected as a device(smart device) just like the other ready made products. Will amazon provide them with any special file so that alexa recognises the device ?

I saw few videos on YouTube but none of them used node red or mqtt. I wonder how they achieved that.