Blynk will introduce paid subscription in Q1 2016


If I setup blynk server on my own cloud and build something around it, say a project which allows switching On/Off an LED through Blynk via internet. And then I publish it on PlayStore and charge people for the hardware. Do I strictly requires to go with your paid subscription in this case?

If one needs to commercialise his work built around Blynk but don’t want to go for your paid subscription then what all options are available for them?

Instead can I build Android App with Android Studio for Blynk project?



You still may use Blynk app without branding.[quote=“peteriot, post:122, topic:3177”]
Instead can I build Android App with Android Studio for Blynk project?



You mean everybody can use local server full free?
So how long?


@sh.abar.mard bit like asking Zuckerburg to promise to maintain current staffing levels and free Facebook for users forever if advertising fell to zero tomorrow, no?

If you freeze your Smartphone app and server version then the short answer is forever.

That said, over time you will be left with an “XP” version of Blynk, not supported and vulnerable to hackers.


I am new to iOT and embedded programming. I’ve only tinkered with Blynk for my ESP8266 for a few days. I dare say that the developers and service providers have done a great job. As a software engineer myself, it is not easy to make something this good that actually works, and people find value in it. Pavel and all the community suporting this platform, great job.
I have been following the discussion on pricing models and I read mostly great ideas and feedback.
As someone who has created many great things in the past that became great door stops, I would say entry level to market is the greatest barrier to monitizing products and services. I would hate to see something as usefull as Blynk become a fancy door stop because the owners and developers did not leave pricing and marketting to the experts who know how to think out of the box on these things.
Guys, your pricing model is going to KILL your userbase. As right or logical as you want to be, trying to convince the tinkerers and makers that they should see things your way, it’s not going to happen! For every customer, paying a price for a product or service is about value and burden. Everybody already understands that it takes hardwork and gazzillion hours to create THE AMAZING BLYNK, but you need to think big picture here. While you are busy arguing why $199 per month is a good deal, you are losing 20 customers who could have paid you $10/month and organically grow your product/services.
I found Blynk because I have a hardware that I am creating with ESP8266 but I don’t have the capital to pay someone to create an android/IOS app for it. This limitation will delay me to market, and yet there could be a possible solution.
My suggestion:
(1) Consider allowing private/individual developers to use your app for free to tinker. But when they are ready for a token key to test, they can pay a fixed 1 time fee per token/hardware.
(2) Consider co-revenue sharing with individuals and makers who would like to take their product to market. Ask for anywhere between 5-20% of sales for a 3 years contract. After3 years, the customer can either renew the contract, or join your other subscription models. You can enforce this based on end-user token request during application activation. Invoices are paid monthly or users cannot continue to use the application which would then impact the app owners business. Basically, this is royalty based model.
These models would allow the popularity of your software to grow, and for you to grow your revenue depending on the success of your community and users. Everybody wins!
I am sure there are a few holes in this model, but that’s why the community is here to provide feedback and make things better :slight_smile:


What is the cost of sharing projects in the Blynk app with N number of users without branding? How would this work? Who end users recieve a link, create an account and start using the app? What about the Provisioning and workflow for users to coonect to thier WIFI?


It is almost free (1$).

You may try it for free within Blynk. However, for real usage you need to use subsciption based plans.


As per your posting, 7 months after last post on a topic that is TWO YEARS OLD… Hey! Look! Blynk is still here and full of users :stuck_out_tongue:

Blynk is cheaper then a daily coffee (the cheap swill, not the precocious purculations, no one can justify that cost :coffee: )

But, this is the ‘neer free’ development side… If you are complaining how the business side costs “too much”… For them to do most of your work for you, so you can profit by selling “your” custom App… Well, learn to code and develop your own :wink: or go over to the better, but cheaper, competitors… there are some out there?.. correct?.. :cricket::cricket::cricket:


this is exactly how it works… anyone can use blynk app / server / library for free or nearly free (couple of euro), depending on project size.

even for a bigger project, the necessary energy is correctly priced and recyclable. fair play i think!


I want to activate full box of widget… guid me plzz how to activate this… i visited kickstarter butt i can’t find about anything there…


Well… since this topic and the kickstarter was started back in 2015… and last I checked we are now in 2018… I don’t see how you would find up-to-date info on Kickstarter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have you at least installed the App, created an account and tried to simply click on any of them? As long as your phone type supports them (Android and iOS may have slightly different availability for some widgets) they are all available.


Please check your inbox. We sent out all the instructions on how to activate it (back in 2016).

If you didn’t find anything, please email to


Now i use build app blynk for my customer by buy energy/1 project/1 customer
The question is

1.How long can my customer use server ?
2.How many can i build projects in one free account?
3.What kind of plans should I use?


You need to have a business subscription for that…