Blynk WiFiManager for ESP8266/ESP32 with Multi-WiFi and Multi-Blynk

Works perfectly … Great work on the lib!

We are currently converting our project from wired to wifi functionality and further link it to blynk (and removing node-red dependency).
FYI: We noticed your lib has a EEPROM.h lib dependency what can be a challenge for projects using the much more functional EEPROMex.h lib as if you include both libs in your project there will be a conflict because the simple one defines “static EEPROMClass EEPROM” and the extended lib defines “external EEPROMClassEx EEPROM” so the compiler sees 2 classes with the same EEPROM name.
(Ugly) solution is to rename one of them in the lib and code will compile fine with both libraries used.


The easiest solution, if you insist of using the EEPROMex library, is to change the file

Esp8266_AT_WM_Lite.h of Esp8266_AT_WM_Lite library , assuming you’re using Mega, from

#include <EEPROM.h>


#include <EEPROMex.h>

Just recheck / retest the code to see if changing the lib breaking anything.

Also remember that some EEPROM locations have been reserved for the WM + dynamicParams purposes and use different location to store your params.

I also suggest to move this discussion to the correct topic from now on

BTW, I’ll add in next release v1.0.3

  1. Option to use EEPROMex library, by just specifying from sketch,
  2. Add support to nRF52-based boards, , such as Adafruit’s NRF52840_FEATHER, NRF52832_FEATHER, NRF52840_FEATHER_SENSE, NRF52840_ITSYBITSY, NRF52840_CIRCUITPLAY, NRF52840_CLUE, NRF52840_METRO, NRF52840_PCA10056, PARTICLE_XENON, NINA_B302_ublox, etc. The Credentials and Dynamic Parameters’ data will be stored in LittleFS/InternalFS .

Anything you’d like to suggest to add into that new release?

Sounds great. Think your library is already very complete. We noted using some of the setConfigPortal call some weird behavior on iPhones with WEP2 and security but we are still debugging to see what is causing it, apart from that great library.

Update June 25th 2020

Releases v1.0.16

  1. Fix bug and logic of USE_DEFAULT_CONFIG_DATA.
  2. Auto format SPIFFS / LittleFS for first time usage.