Blynk+Wifi+Ethernet on one Arduino

Is it possible?)
I need it to have an alternative connection channel

Yes… with a lot of logic coding, anything is possible. Using Blynk.config() you can setup whatever connection method you want, prior to attempting connection to Blynk.

Google and search this forum for others that have asked about this same issue and for keywords like provisioning Bring any resultant questions back and supply details on your attempts here, in your own topic.

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yes, just create the TCP connected you need as normal. So long as they are using different TCPIP ports, and you don’t spend too long in each handler, you should be OK.

Look for examples of WiFiServer & WiFiCient

Include both libraries (Blynk and whatever)

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So, if I want to change the connection type, I should use Blynk.config() to change the connection type, abd then reconnect the device?

In the app, it will be shown like different devices?

Thanks for info. But how this example should help me?

no just make two connections unrelated to each other.

get an example sketch of WiFiServer or WiFiClient running. Then add Blynk to it without changing any of the WiFiServer code.

No, Blynk.config() is just the non-blocking method to connect to Blynk’s server AFTER you chose and connect with whatever networking method you desire, as has been recommended.