Blynk + Wemos D1 ESP8266MOD problem


I have such a problem that I upload the sketch to the Wemos D1 and it connects to the Internet. However, it reconnects every few seconds (WDT reset). I see this on the serial monitor as well as on the web interface. How can I eliminate this? I used this motherboard for apartment remote control with the old Blynk version. But this new Blynk keeps reconnecting. It’s pretty annoying that the light is constantly flashing in the living room. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!


Posting your sketch would be a good start, as well as clarifying exactly which board you are using.


Dear Pete!

Wemos D1 motherboard is equipped with ESP8266MOD module.
I’ll try to post a picture of the serial monitor here.
The code is plain, generated code.

The code:


[Unformatted serial output removed by moderator]

Sorry, I’ve heard of that board, and googling it doesn’t find any exact matches. Can you provide a link?

Personally, I never follow links to google drive for security reasons. If the code isn’t thousands of lines then I’d suggest you post it direct to the forum, with triple backticks at the beginning and end, like everyone else does.

The same goes for your screenshot of the serial monitor. You should edit your post and delete the screenshot and copy the text from your serial monitor and paste it into the forum with triple backticks at the beginning and end.
triple backticks look like this…

Copy/paste these if you can’t find the correct character on your keyboard.


Seems like you ignored this bit…

and this…


Dear Pete!

Sorry for the late reply, but I’m not always near a PC because of my work.
I can’t post the code backticks here or there, because the site doesn’t allow it because I’m a “new” user. It says that a maximum of 2 links can be sent. I don’t know what you take as a link.
That’s why I wanted to send the file. Do you have any other ideas on how I can share the code with the community and you?

Thank you very much for your answer!

Here is the Wemos D1 motherboard, which includes the ESP8266MOD module:

That message is because you aren’t using the triple backticks with your code. You previously did not copy and paste the triple backticks that I provided, but used different characters which don’t work, which is why it was deleted.
Stop using the wrong characters and copy/paste the ones that I took the time to provide for you.

So this is a WEMOS D1 R1 or D1 R2 - I can’t tell which from the link you’ve provided.

I’d stop referring to it as a “motherboard”, it isn’t a motherboard, it’s a development board.
I’d also stop using the “MOD” acronym, it isn’t a term that is used with this board.

When you compile the code for your board, which board type do you choose in the IDE.

What version of the ESP8266 core do you have installed in the IDE’s Boards Manager?