Blynk webhook command for analog value

I try to use the url commands with IFTTT
The command : http://ipadressblink/my token/v1
With PUT method
Application/json content type
And [“250”]
Works a little bit.
The addressable led strip link to this analog pin change of colour to red
0 no light 255 full red
But I don’t find the command to set the 3 colours of the led. I only command the first one red…
How can I command the all “sub led”?
Thank in advance

Can you share your code for the LED?

I would think that you would just use the incoming value for each

  int value = param.asInt(); // Get value as integer

 analogWrite(redPin, value);
analogWrite(bluePin, value);
analogWrite(greenPin, value);

You haven’t really described the problem very well, but I think you may be trying to send multiple values in the same IFTTT command (R, G & B colours).
If so then take a look at this:

BTW, it’s usually better to use PUT rather than GET.

If you aren’t trying to send multiple values in the same IFTTT command then I’d suggest you clarify your issue.


I try your proposal
But with IFTTT I think is not the same Frame

Find the sample below

Sorry, I’m not really certain what you mean by “frame”.
But, you’re still using PUT rather than GET.


The frame is the Text
I test GET and the other methods of IFTTT and it’s don’t work.

With a internet explorer this command works

But I don’t find how to send the same command with IFTTT by webhook…

So this browser example uses the syntax for GET.
Put this in the URL field in IFTTT:

Change the method to GET and leave the body field empty.


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It’s works.
Thanks a lot.
I put
With this other parameters in IFTTT like this…

And it’s works.

Best regards