Blynk Web Dashboard


The answer still the same - soon :slight_smile:.


but now, we can say very soon :smile:


Just to clarify. Web Dashboard is already there and it even works :slight_smile:.
However, right now we are busy on the delivery of new features and bug fixes for the Web Dashboard for our business clients. So until we finish that we can’t launch it. Also, after we will finish this we will have to adapt the Web with Blynk app mobile or even launch separate app for that.


How to Become a Beta Tester :wink:


Hey @Dmitriy, can you give us a sneak preview of the web dashboard as it stands at the moment, and tell us what the main features are?



I can’t as it is branded for our customers right now.

  1. Better reporting;
  2. OTA management;
  3. Meta fields (custom fields for the device to make reporting or grouping);
  4. Mobile provisioning;
  5. Permissions/roles/user management;
  6. White labeling;


So does the dashboard allow web based access to Blynk controls (switch the state of widgets that are available in the app)?, because that’s how the thread started.



Sure. That is by default :slight_smile: (label/level, button, slider, graph are already there)


@Dmitriy Hi what’s up ? :heart_eyes:


maybe Christmas gift.


I’m sure it will be here by Christmas, it’s just a question of which Christmas :rofl:



@Dmitriy Hi what’s up ? :sob:


@Dmitriy after Christmas:sweat_smile: and web dashboard, is it possible we have a local server with local web dashboard?


Sorry guys, no updates yet. We have a bunch of business customers in our pipeline, so we have to deliver features for them in first place. Right after we finish that we will need ~1 month to rollout the web dash into the public.


BLYNK has made IOT devices meaningful. With the web interface, everything will be great. I hope it will be published as soon as possible


Hey Guys!!
This particular thread has helped me alot to cope up with my upcoming project.
can anyone guide me on how do i display all the data read from the sensors which is displayed in the blynk app onto an html page…
P.S. Im just a beginner so need ur help.


Maybe you can include arduino Web Server code in your Blynk project ? :thinking: