Blynk Web Dashboard

After 28 dec i will try.

Is there http api for controlling digital pins?
Virtual pins works fine.

@saurabh47 surely you can just put the digital interface inside the virtual pin call, right?

Not working.
Have you tried for Digital pins??

Busy with other things but I can’t see how it could fail.

You enter virtual pin in the dashboard and the sketch for the virtual pin includes digital pin control.

Yes,we can do this by writing 2-3 line in sketch for virtual pin to control digital pin.
But i am not understanding why it doesn’t works.
Some peoples starts Blynking by just directly controlling Digital pins.

Digital pins works. However you need to use native index markers. For example D0 may be D16. You can find relation for your hardware here. For NodeMCU it look like this :

"pins": {
                "D0":  16, "D1":   5, "D2":   4,  "D3":  0, "D4":  2,
                "D5":  14, "D6":  12, "D7":  13,  "D8": 15, "D9":  3,
                "D10":  1

Working like charm.

One of my favourite widgets is the Slider and I’m pleased to say that @saurabh47 has now added a Slider to his Blynk Web Dashbaord.

In the current code the range is set from 0 to 100 but we use a much smaller range in most of our projects. If you have a big range you might want to split the range over 2 or 3 Sliders as it’s difficult to gauge the values in the dashboard. There is a pop up though that indicates the value you have selected.

All tested and working.


Hello All,
How to add other widgets?

Currently​ only two widgets are available.
Contribution are highly welcome

Such a good idea, I liked it very much.

I hope it will be developed further.

I think, Blynk founders should also think of having an official open IOT platform on the web…

I find the thingspeak ( cool as an IOT platform. Also Arduino introduced “Arduino Cloud”

WHY NOT also Blynk IOT platform on the web?

I guess it should be rather easy for Blynk guys…

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Soon, my friend, very soon :wink:


When is soon? :slight_smile:


soon is next year

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I try to read documentation but I got "502 Bad Gateway "

Actually, UI is ready. Now we are fixing old technical debt. Our initial plan was to launch at the September. However, I don’t know if we fit this timeline. We will try.


is it available on local server?

No. There is also big chance it will not be shipped within the local server.

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what is custom server?

Whats up ? :wink: