Blynk.virtualWrite to terminal versus widgetTerminal

What is the difference of using virtualWrite and widgetTerminal when writing to terminal?

It has been my experience that virtualWrite works better.

I have had issues with widget.Terminal not writing all of the text where as virtualWrite completes the transmission.

There is obviously a difference in their function. What is it?

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Have you tried adding a #define BLYNK_MAX_SENDBYTES 512 command at the beginning of your sketch (before the #includes for the Blynk libraries)?

If 512 isn’t a large enough ‘buffer’ then try increasing further


Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll give it a try and report back.

No joy

virtualWrite works fine

terminal.print doesn’t transmit all the data.

tried to paste some code but I guess I’m too new. It won’t allow me to.

I get this:

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I really just want to know why one works and one doesn’t.

is there a down side to using virtual.Write to access a terminal?

Long ago it appeared Blynk was making special cool widgets in their little startup App, each with special commands for “simple” use…

And over time it eventually became apparent that coders could use the coexisting and “universal” virtualWrite(vPin, data) command to also control all the widgets as needed.

Long story short… I personally used only the virtualWrite() commands that seemed to “just work” and didn’t bother trying to figure out the hows and whys of bygone methods.

Thank you for the help!

I don 't like widgetterminal. I thought widgetterminal would print the message like real termianl, but it turned out to be self-written, just like virtualwrite.