Blynk url for creating applet on IFTTT

So I have made a smart lamp using Esp8266 and Blynk. I can turn on and off the lamp using the Blynk mobile application but to complete my project, I need to voice control the lamp. So I want to use Google assistant to send signal to Blynk by creating applets on If Then This Then That(IFTTT). While creating my applets, I was asked to put somethink like this:
http://blynk server url/AUTH TOKEN/update/pin
So I am having a hard time getting the Blynk server URL. I read somewhere that the url is region wise so I am in Turkey. Any ideas are most welcome. Thanks in advance.

You’ve sent 7 minutes reading the forum so far.
I’d suggest searching for IFTTT and sorting the results by the most recent ones and start reading.
You’ll see links to the documentation for the API. That’s also worth taking a look at.