Blynk to Squarespace/Wix

Hello to everyone!

I’m using the free version of Blynk for almost a year now and I would like to activate the Plus or Pro version in few days just because I want more graphical representations on my dashboard.

Since there is not any available way to have a free to view dashboard (with just graphical representation of data - like temperature changes) to everyone (like give them a link and when they press it to show the data)

is there any easy way to show those graphical widgets to a Squarespace/Wix website?

Hello, @JohnKed

You want to test the widgets available on the plus and pro plan?

No, I want the Plus/Pro plan just because I want a dashboard with more widgets - something like 60 on the same page.

But is there a way to move those widgets to a Squarespace website or to have a free to view dashboard (no logins, no passwords) for everyone to see?

Sorry, no such this option. You can work on the platform and also invite your users.