Blynk Thermostat

This is my first project uploaded on github. I am just a noob, but some people might find it helpful.

The code, schematic,images. It’s all there if you need it.


Very nice and helpful project!
Please publish the qr CLONE of your Blynk app layout to help people duplicate your project faster!

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Unfortunately, my app includes lots of other devices and I am running the local server. The energy points are not a problem for me. I think it is easier for everyone just to add the widgets for this one, rather than removing the rest of them from my other projects.

I uploaded some pictures on GitHub to help people creating the layout by themselves.

All the buttons are switch type. And the LEDs Vpinw are easy to find inside the sketch. If there is something essential you need from widget settings just let me know.

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I think you should look at cleaning-up your void loop, then you wouldn’t need all those yield() commands in your code.


Any advices are welcome. Thanks!

I had some random crashes, and i tried alot of things to debug.that’s why there are some leftovers :smiley:
I am not the most organised person, but i’m doing my best.

I brought some updates there.Github kills me, by the way.