Blynk template Device Connection Limit

Hello Everyone…

I used Blynk web console for my project in that i connected particle Argon device with the blynk…
But i was faced the issue while connection 2 Argon device with the same template.
I create dashboard for the selection of the device but at a same time only one “Argon” is connected with blynk template.
I uploaded same firmware in both the device with proper “Auth” token and wifi credential but i am unable to connect both the device at same time.

I used same firmware in the previous version of blynk web console few months back that time my both device are connected to same template and works perfectly.
Now in Blynk 2.0 only one device is connected at a time.

What is the solution for this and how can i connect 2 device with the same template in blynk web console???..

I suspect that you’re getting slightly confused between Templates and Devices.

One Template can be uses as the basis for multiple Devices.

I suspect that you’ve created a template and one device based on that template, and you are using the Auth token from that device in the software that’s running on both of your pieces of hardware.

This isn’t allowed, and around a month ago the server-side software was updated to check if multiple connections were being attempted using the same Auth token.
So, what may have worked a couple of months ago is now prevented by the Blynk server.


Now my requirement is to connect multiple device with same template and i want to use single dashboard for all device for that what should i do is there any possibility to complete my requirement?

You can use Automations to send data from one device to another.
Alternatively you can use the REST API or Node-Red to achieve the same thing…

I don’t think you’ll want to have those devices based on the same template though.