Blynk + tag + ifttt

good afternoon
is it possible to command a blynk tag with ifttt?
for example:
on my blynk I created a tag with 3 devices and the 3 devices carry out a command on the V0 pin with a single button (tag)
I would like to create a voice command via ifttt to activate this tag
how would the configuration link look?
in place of digitalPin what would you have to put?
http: // blynk-cloud-ip / your Blynk auth ID / update / digitalPin

I don’t use tags, but presumably you’d send the command to the virtual pin V0.
Use a GET command for this, and don’t forget to use the actual IP address of the Blynk cloud server (unless you’re running a local server).


I used the tag because it was the only way I found to disconnect several pins from 3 different devices
the problem is that the ifttt command requires the token of the given device.
And now?

Okay, the docs say…

Tag widgets also support state syncing. So you can get state of widget from your hardware. However you can’t update state of such widgets from hardware.

That basically means you wont be able to update them from the API either.