Blynk Table Widget in Node Red

Hello everyone!
I have a greenhouse which I try to make it smarter with a Raspberry pi, Blynk, Node and my phone and also a question: how can I send a value read from one of my temperature sensor, via Node Red, in a Blynk Table Widget?
In the Blynk WS node in Node Red I read that you need a msg.add and an array object (name, value), but since I’m very new to javascript, I will need a small example, which I can replicate.
I read that PeteKnight make something similar with the entrance door log on his house in Spain, but I cannot see the code.
Thank you in advance,


My example from Spain is probably going to be confusing, as I’m constructing a date/time string for my “name” field and then using the msg.payload for the “value” field. That looks like this:

msg.add = [year+'/'+month+'/'+day+' '+hour+':'+minute+':'+second , msg.payload];
return msg;

I’ve not included the code that declares and builds the year, month, day variables.

It might be simpler if you show me what you have so far, and explain what data you want in the table.


Thank you! These two lines solved my problem.
Try to make a table to save de min, max and medium temperature during one day, from midnight to midnight, based on the value send by one sensor. It is very hot here in Romania, I have a greenhouse who has automated windows, fans, sprinklers and blinders and I wanna know if my algoritms who control them are efficient.

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