Blynk table not saving pick after 100 rows

Adding to my table works fine. For the first 100 rows added, calling pick will not only pick the row but when I close and reopen the app, the row remains selected. Also, the nice benefit (that I’m really looking for), is it scrolls that row into view (I’m really trying to solve scrolling to the bottom of the table… to the most recent entry).

Now, after 100 rows, when I pick the row, it will only work if the app is open. If I close and reopen the app, the row is no longer selected. This reproduces in the latest release of iOS and Android apps.

Any ideas?

Any sketch?

I’m sorry. I’m not sure what you’re asking.

For assistance it’s expected that you paste a formatted, with backticks, copy of the code / sketch / firmware / program that you are flashing to your hardware.

It also helps if you provide details of the hardware and the server (Blynk’s cloud or your own local server).

Unfortunately, I’m a bit over my head. I am using OpenGarage so I think it’s Blynk local but I’m not sure how to find that out.
The code does not call pick. I’m doing that separately via a REST Api call in response to an IFTTT notification.

As you are working with bin files from a random GitHub you will have to create an issue on their repository.

Are you saying this is not a standard bug in the table widget? I don’t understand how the app matters here. From my understanding, it’s just pushing values to Blynk.

Do you pass the index of records in the table?

For pick to work, I use the id of the row (despite the documentation calling for the index).
I open the Blynk app so I’m looking at the table.
I add a row with id 300 (using REST API)
I then call pick (again, using REST API)
ex.<my token>/update/V5?value=pick&value=300

I see the row picked.
If I called the following to select the 3rd row, nothing happens<my token>/update/V5?value=pick&value=2

@ChadGW thanks! This is actually the server bug. Fixed already - We will deploy fix soon. Docs updated.

Thank you. Two follow-up questions.

  1. Is there a simple way to know if the data for OpenGarage is stored on Blynk cloud and when this update gets pushed to it, then the fix will be automatic, vs. a need to push an update to OpenGarage? Also, how will I know when the update is available?

  2. Back to my original question, when I pick a row (by Id) and that id is over 100, I can see it pick the row when the app is open but as soon as I close and reopen the app, the row is no longer picked. Is this related to the original bug and fixed when the code gets pushed?


All you send is stored. For exactly time you have to use additonal value in pin or another pin.

This appears to now be working. Thank you

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