Blynk.syncAll() work-around

I think this category is the best. I have, like some other ppl, been pulling my hair out because of the inability to synchronize all virtual pins in one go. This will result in a buffer overflow on some platforms. I’ve “created” a little work around until the issue can be fixed:

  // Sync pins with a little delay
  int syncPins[] = { V26, V27, V28, V29, V22, V21, V31, V24, V25, V15, V32 };
  for(int i=0;i<sizeof(syncPins)/sizeof(int);i++)
    displayMessage("Syncing: " + String(syncPins[i]), "");

This will synchronize the vPins with a little delay (I know, bad me…), but it will prevent a buffer overflow. I’m not sure as to how many pins you can do like this, but probably 1ms is al ready enough to prevent the buffers filling up.


Hey, what hardware did you use to run this example?

Arduino Mega with ESP 01 as a shield. After buffer overflow with it starts reconnecting, buffer overflow, reconnecting etc.

Ahhh this exaplins the reason why I dont use syncAll… its just constantly reconnects

Yeah … but it’s kind of essential for my project to have synchronized stuff, due to bridge functions etc. So this will take care of that problem, for now anyway :slight_smile:

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Me too, I reverted to using a sequence of timers to call virtualSync… but will use this from now on!


Um, i call syncVirtual at the start of the relevant functions, seems to work… But only a few pins each function…

Hey, we just added syncVirtual() support for multiple pins!
It will be ready for use with next library & server deployment.


What syntax will it follow?

syncVirtual(V1, V2, V3 …)

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Is there a slight delay or pause between each call?

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