Blynk super graph showing data even if esp is off

Hello Guys,

So i. Using latest versions of libraries and local server set on raspberry pi 3.

I am using 2x (esp8266 with DHT22) which is sending data to raspberry pi

My mobile android OS (ONE PLUS 5) I have installed the app and created a project with 2 gauge for temp and humidity and super graph … same is replicated on the same project for 2nd esp. when i disconnected the 2 esp and left it for 3 days off … the data is still showing the latest reading on the gauge and on the super graph still populating for 1week 1month etc but for 6 hours is behaving correct (no data)

How can i solve this issue and when i have no data i will see no data on the widget?


All widgets retain last readings from the server… and the Super Chart is more like a repeater of other widgets, and it will also retain and show the history even after the device is disconnected (again pulling from the server)… and of course it will keep running along the timeline as the App and server are still talking and time is still ticking, just with no data. This will be more noticeable with shorter scaling then with the longer ones.

No way of clearing any Widget data short of sending null " " string values… which of course requires the device to be connected :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, if you have CONNECT MISSING DATA POINTS (an option in each data stream settings) set to ON then you’ll see that last retained data up until something new comes in. Turn it OFF if you wish to see nothing over the timeframe that the device is offline

FYI, unless you have seperate AUTHs for each device (recommended) and discrete vPins for each (they can be same vPin numbering, but will be segregated, widget wise, via Device Selector) the server will not know that there are two devices and as far as it is concerned, it will simply show last values sent by either or both of the of the online devices.

Hi, thanks for you reply, yes both devices have separate authorization even Vpins are different just incase.

thanks for your help regarding connect missing data points. :slight_smile: so there is no way that when the device is offline the gauge will represent offline or 0 as value?? (maybe a future upgrade that when the application see that in the server there is no input for example within 5min it will display OFFLINE or Set value 0. until new value will flow in the server.)

meanwhile thanks for everything good day

The App already has a “Is device offline” feature.


As to the widgets, well I guess it is more a personal preference… but you could easily write a timed function that sends a 0 to all widgets every so often, or just before sending refreshed data, or whatever you want.

I personally use a uptime counter counting the seconds or a blinking virtual LED.