Blynk stop reading the value after energizing all of 8 relay

hi, im using arduino mega and blynk with my project. when i energizing all my relay on blynk app, the blynk stop reading my sensor and all of 4 LCD display turn off immediately.

can you give me suggestion how to give the correct power supply to all my sensor and output…

  • relay 5v 8-channel,
  • 4 units LCD16x2,
  • 6 sensors ( humidity, LDR, pH sensor, ultrasonic 1, ultrasonic 2, soil sensor)

Try feeding all the equipment with a separate, decent, powersupply. Remember to connect grounds to one on the Arduino, otherwise you might weird results.

So, you will connect the + and - of your decent power supply to all equipment and also connect the - to a GND pin on the arduino. You could also feed the Arduino from the same supply, that’s even easier. Use the Vin on Arduino (max 12v!!!)

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