Blynk Status Widget

Is there a way to poll the blynk connection for a heartbeat? As I debug my project I sometimes can’t use the Serial output window and it would be nice to put the status out to an LED. Is there a status/heartbeat variable in the blynk object I can poll for this?

To clarify, I realize that this info is not available to the remote app until the device is connected. Essentially, whta I want is something that I can poll when the “ready” message is displayed. …and possibly light an LED with some sort of heartbeat.

Duh… I think I just answered my own question. Someone hit me with the dumb stick pls… I can just do an Blynk event and trigger it when it get’s past the connection bit…


It looks like this may help you?

 bool connect()
        <bunch of code truncated)

        return true;

(from BlynkSocket.h)

so you could monitor that for your logic on “what next”

if that wasnt clear here is a quick example (using LED widget on V1)

WidgetLED led1(1);
void setup()
  if (Blynk.connect()) {

Thx, will give it a try tomorrow.

Tried this. However, it only initiates a connection and sets the LED. I am using the Adafruit CC3000. Is there a way to poll the Blynk connection on a regular basis to see if the connection is still up? I’ve had cases where the connection / CC3000 hangs and I would like to catch this, and re-initiate a connection.

Guys, we already have this feature request.
Currently it is not easy to check the status, but we will add this. Also, sometimes when CC3000 hangs, we cannot know this reliably.