Blynk standalone app in React

Hi everyone,

I’m developing a stand alone app in React that resembles the in app Blynk projects displaying PIN data and various graphs. The project would allow you to create stand alone Blynk apps for iOS, Android, and web but without having to subscribe to their fees, and to be able to have individual apps for every project, not grouped into one. I’m planning on building in a user interface that allows me to put in pins and an auth token and it will automatically generate an app but before I get really deep into it I just want to reach out to this community to see if anyone would be interested in having this sort of tool available?


You can Build your standalone app using Blynk Api.Blynk already have done lot of stuff.ones I had Built Web app using Blynk APi

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Of course it would be very nice to have an open source app! and I’m available to give you a hand in the development, even if with react I’m still a beginner.

let me know

Yes, indeed this sounds very interesting… Go on and let us know about the progress.

why not :thinking:

Instead of react .flutter will be a better option.
Its platform independent and soon google launching
Hamming bird .by this we can run flutter code in web.
If you choose flutter for development. I will definitely contribute