Blynk Sketch Builder

I am working through Blynk Sketch Builder
I am getting on fine and beginning to understand the the code
However when I upload any type of notification code I do not receive any notifications
I am using a Wemos mini I have a resistor 10K between pin D2 and 5v
I also have a momentary push switch between Gnd and D2
I have attached a screen shot of what appears in the serial monitor as with previous advice I have removed the IP address I do get on line but I do not get the emails ( gmail account )

Thanks oldvolt

Do you have a notification widget on your App? Is the app running? Run the Project

Thanks for the reply Idb that was my 3rd attempt in the previous attempts it was showing online on the serial output but when I pushed the switch no response was indicated on the serial monitor
With no power to the board I checked the operationale of the switch with my multimeter set to the buzzer the switch is operating as it should
Thanks oldvolt

You do know that D2 (as is screen printed on the Wemos D1 Mini) and GPIO2 are not the same thing?


Hi Pete & Idb and all
What I found out that the push switch should have went across pin 4 and ground of my Wemos D1 mini but in the sketch it’s coded as D2 if this makes sense
I am going to Google to try and find out the pin relationship between an uno R3 and Wemos mini
Thanks again oldvolt

Use the Arduino pin numbering in Blue

Also mentioned here…

Thanks for the info Gunner
Without the help of the community I would be lost so again thanks to all