Blynk sharing projects

i made some home automation with node mcu esp 8266 and controlled it with my mobile phone only i cant able to control my with my room met phones. to control the node through with blynk app how it can possible ?


Typically one starts with reading the documentation :wink:

One way is to have your roommate log into the App on his phone with the same credentials… but remember both phones then have full editing and control.

If you don’t want the roommate to have full access to editing, then you share (not CLONE) - And there is the 1000 non-recyclable energy cost. You need to have the project active (play mode in the App, but can still be closed on your phone) in order to have it active on his.

Hey, Gunner.

Sorry for reviving an old topic. I was looking for some project sharing videos and yours is unavailable.
Can you recommend any video that shows the process? I’m just starting to study this part and a visual lesson would be good.


Hello. Yes, sorry, but months ago I had chosen to remove all my videos from YouTube due privacy concerns.

Personally I am unaware of other videos about sharing… but I am sure there must be something somewhere.

The process is fairly simple… the biggest concern some were running into, and the original reason for the video, was that the host project MUST be active (AKA Project running after the Play button is pressed.) in order for any shared projects to also work.


Since we’re here, just a simple question: when you clone a project, the other user needs the exact amount of energy of the project or he can “purchase” only parts of it? And does he get a warning about how much energy the project needs? Something like: if you want to use this project, you need X energy.

So not to get confused with this topics subject, Cloning and Sharing are different things.

Cloning is also referring to the entire project, not just portions of it. And yes the receiver will need enough energy. There will be a warning if not enough, but so far no automatic way of determining the energy value of a project.

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