Blynk Server version v0.18.0 released

What’s new :

  1. Do not change widget properties for non active projects;

  2. Rotation for DB logs and fixed error on blynk.log file;

  3. Data Export not works on Win servers fix;

  4. REST API for SetProperty (docs to be provided in few days);

  5. Fixed issue with daylight for RTC and TimeInput (requires also new Android release 1.15.0);

  • Support for Webhook widget;

  • Support for Sensor widgets;

  • Support for Table widget;

  • Small optimizations;

  • One more view for admin;

  • TimeInput not synced issue fixed (requires also new Android release 1.15.0);

  • Music player state (play/stop) now could be updated via SetProperty (requires also new Android release 1.15.0);

  • Shutdown hook sometimes fails fix;

Latest server


Thanks @Dmitriy you have been busy.

Can we ask a few questions:

A. Could you please number changes in future so we can refer to them by number like this:

1.Do not change widget properties for non active projects;
2. Rotation for DB logs and fixed error on blynk.log file;
3. Data Export not works on Win servers fix;
4. REST API for SetProperty;
5. Fixed issue with daylight for RTC and TimeInput;
6. Support for Webhook widget;
7. Support for Sensor widgets;
8. Support for Table widget;
9. Small optimizations;
10. One more view for admin;
11. TimeInput not synced issue fixed;
12. Music player state (play/stop) now could be updated via SetProperty;
13. Shutdown hook sometimes fails fix;

B. Please confirm we need an App update for some of the changes to take effect.

C. Do you have details for 4 i.e. format of the PUT request?

D. Like the sound of 12. do you have details of the SetProperty command for play and stop i.e. is it as per the following and using “play”, “stop”. Is forward and back used and what is “something” perhaps “control”?

Blynk.setProperty(Vx, "something", "stop");

E. Does Project sharing and cloning QR codes survive app and server updates?
So will this share last “forever”?

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Sure. Updated.

Updated post.

Added link with description.

Hard to say. In general - both sharing/cloning should work for all older versions. However we cannot guarantee as we are very limited in resources and we don’t provide back compatibility for version older than 2 updates.

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  1. So to play and stop the Player it’s as follows, right?

    Blynk.setProperty(Vx, “isOnPlay”, “true”); // play
    Blynk.setProperty(Vx, “isOnPlay”, “false”); // stop


Blynk.setProperty(Vx, "isOnPlay", "true");

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Synology Docker Blynk Server Updated to v0.18.0


@Dmitriy, any chance you could (or have) set up a “latest” link in addition to the versioned link? This way I can just hard code the server-latest.jar file in to the Docker image.


Definitely would like this so I can add an “update” to my script for RPi :slight_smile:

I can. However this is bad practice. It will cause issues like “I have latest server and it doesn’t work with latest app” :slight_smile:. So it is up to end user to manage this or make a “nice” script. Here is for example such script for Win.

I hope someone from community will contribute same for linux-like systems.


It’s bad practice if the update/startup doesn’t check for the latest version, but a latest version is pretty much accepted everywhere, but it has it’s own disadvantages, but they usually are PEBKAC related :wink:

you can make a symbolic link the “latest server” to point always to the latest release server so if the user download the server actually will get the latest release server with normal versioning numbers etc.

I do that locally, but what @Dmitriy means is that a user will respond “yes, I have latest” but in fact he downloaded the version before that (users are really lazy in checking that sort of stuff, I know … ). There is no way to tell from a sym-link.

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What about a secret link just for me to use in my docker image? :wink: hah

Is the Docker part compliant with linux bash or shell scripting? I might be able to set you up with something if that is the case which dynamically checks for latest versions etc.

Take a look at the patch I made to another docker image.

I just updated the version number in the dockerfile… other than that Im not really sure what it’s capible of.

It seems to work though. But would be great if there was just a hard coded link to the latest version.

It appears to be just a file full of shell instructions specifically for the Synology. I see references to sed and awk and those are the two tools that you would need to get this running. I’ll try and see if I can fabricate something. The hardest part will be, I think, getting the latest version number from the GitHub page, but I think that should be doable.

GitHub provides this for you, as far as I can see, check this out:


Quick curl:

curl -s | g
rep -o '[0-9]\.[0-9]\{1,2\}\.[0-9]'

This will output 0.18.0, or to say, the latest version number which you cn use in downloading stuff and comparing, if needed. The Dockerfile seems plain shell script, so Google should be able to help you further. This is also a UNIX regex, not a Perl on, as they differ and I jave no idea what the Synology shell can do, so this is the safe bet.

Also note, it searches for a pattern of number.two-numbers-number. So if the version numbers change to reflect different pulls, e.g. 0.18.010, it won’t work anymore. The UNIX regex is somewhat limited in that fashion. If the Synology does the Perl regex, it would be better and probably more stable in the long run.

Looks like the parameter is only true and doesn’t use “true”.

false appears to do the same as true i.e. change the square, when playing, to a triangle, which is effectively stopping the player. Shouldn’t true do the opposite of false i.e.turn a triangle (playing) into a square i.e stop or vice versa for false?

@Costas ok, please use “true”, not true.

@Dmitriy “true” and true appear to be working with the latest App update.

Is the opposite of true not coded at your side?

What do you mean? “false” changes state from Play To Pause.