Blynk Server version v0.16.4 released

In this release :

  • We reached 300 stars on GitHub :heart_eyes:

  • Terminal now stores 25 last commands (could be changed via terminal.strings.pool.size property for local servers);

  • Support for “Data Export” feature of history Graph

  • Support for “Data Export” feature for pin via HTTP API;

  • HTTP API now doesn’t require widget to store pin values;

  • Added support for “Set Widget Property” feature;

  • HTTP API allows to generate QR codes for your project;

  • And of course bunch of bug fixes, refactorings and improvements;

New server version will be deployed to Blynk Cloud this Sunday.


@Dmitriy are there still some 0.16.3 features that have not been enabled yet as the http API still doesn’t appear to be working for Timer status, just comes back with [] rather than 0 or 1?

@Costas blynk cloud deployment is planned for Sunday. So this will work in 2 days.

Hi @Dmitriy,

When I push “Export to CSV” at the history Graph and e-mail is sent to me but the link goes to “blynk-cloud” despite I’m using the Local Server

The link is like this:

How can I review the data exported using the Local Server??

Looking forward to this update. Thank you for the improvements.

@psoro you need to remove property from your file and restart server.

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@Dmitriy I’m just checking that 0.16.3 was never uploaded to the cloud server i.e. tomorrow you are uploading the new 0.16.4 having previously had 0.16.2 on the server. Is this correct and hopefully all the 0.16.3 and 0.16.4 features will work?

@Costas Yeap, that’s correct.

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@Dmitriy is there a scheduled time today for the upload of 0.16.4 to the Cloud server and as a server update can you confirm that Blynkers will not need to do anything at their side i.e. the new features will be available as soon as Blynk has completed the upload?

No. Only when all tests will be finished.

Correct. No need to do anything.

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@Dmitriy just checked some of the new features.

Cloning large project via HTTP API fails with Error generating QR.

@Dmitriy cloning small projects is also currently failing with HTTP API. In a regular browser it gives no message and via it gives a 404 error message.

@Costas thank you for reporting. Confirmed. Look like something envirnoment specific.