Blynk server offline I tried eveything it should showing offline

Is server down ??
When would it be alright
Cz all my lights and equipment are connected via blynk

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Maybe read the forum for recent posts.


you heard of “fail safe”

@soumil what Blynk library version do you use? Servers up.

how can we check which library we are using dimitriy

@scientist1995 in serial output.

hey hie i really need ur help dimitriy
i used online code blender and uploaded code still showing me offline help me

Arduino_Ethernet2.ino:31:23: fatal error: Ethernet2.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
Error compiling.
this is the error on arduino compiler

Warning! Because of a known bug on Chrome, you should press the disconnect button before physically disconnecting your device.
Or else the connection with the serial monitor will stay open until you restart your browser.

[0] Blynk v0.2.1
[0] Getting IP…
[6002] My IP:
[6002] Connecting to
[11308] Connecting to
[16611] Connecting to

you need to update to the Blynk v0.3.4 or higher library!!!

v0.2.1 is too old…

Thanks a lot guys
Problem solved
Thanks everyone

Is Blynk server down? I can’t connect the whole morning