Blynk Server is not functioning?

I’ve had this problem before and at that time it appeared the solution was installing new blynk libraries.
That hasn’t resolved the problem this time. When the app is open I get an expected notification, but if I close the app window with the program still in the run mode I don’t receive a notification.

What notification do you mean?

I was trying to start a new conversation and accidentally put this on a past post. The issue that I’m have is I have an esp8266 wi-fi micro-controller running a program for monitoring water flow and other parameters and its been working with an acceptable degree of reliability for over a month and then just the other day it stopped functioning from the blynk standpoint. I have numerous button widgets on my dashboard and I’m using an Iphone 5 and the hardware is not responding to any inputs from the dashboard. I have my hardware talking to ThingSpeak also and its still communicating there, and I have a temperature and humidity input coming into Blynk and that seems to still be operational but the widgets do not seem to be interfacing with the hardware. I can not think of anything that I have changed. It went from working acceptably to not working. I flashed the chip with a new program just to see if I could control an led from Blynk with a button widget and it did work. I put the latest Blynk library files into my IDE and that didn’t make a difference.
I’m still trying to figure out the issue and it’s a mystery.

Yeah. This is strange. However it doesn’t mean that it is a Blynk problem. This could be anything… Nothing has been changed on Blynk server for a while.

I’ve narrowed the problem area down and it’s in block of code that reads a data value from a ThingSpeak channel. If I comment out that block of code my dashboard widgets work. I don’t know what the problem is in that code, if in fact that is the problem, because it worked before. I’m still trying to see what’s going on there.